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fic: when everything goes red.
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Title: When Everything Goes Red
Author: sugarpromises
Fandom: General Hospital
Characters: Maxie Jones, Patrick Drake
Rating: PG 13
Prompt: Breakable
Timeline: Summer 2008. After Maxie sleeps with Spinelli the first time.
Word Count: 748
Summary: The sight of her clinging to the ground is unsettling, but he doesn’t dare disturb her state. He’s seen what shock looks like on Maxie and worries that one wrong move could lead her there.
Author's Note: Completed for day seven of the 12 Days of Christmas. An unclaimed day, but I took apart and reassembled a disaster of a piece I thought would be a "Five Things" fic. It's not, so it's really now just a bunch of nonsense.

Patrick walks through the park, hoping the shortcut would get him to Robin’s apartment faster. It’s been a long week, and he hopes to spend most of his free weekend with her, even if she doesn’t know it yet. Like every other day, Patrick turns the corner towards the steps of the clearing. Unlike every other day, he stops abruptly at the sight before him. A blonde woman draped across the park steps, arms stretched and unmoving.

“Maxie! No, no, no... Maxie...” Instinct kicks in as he rushes to her side, carefully kneeling to her side. Her eyes are open, to his relief, but he places his fingers on her neck nonetheless.

“Maxie, can you hear me?” he questions the girl. The sight of her clinging to the ground is unsettling, but he doesn’t dare disturb her state. He’s seen what shock looks like on Maxie and worries that one wrong move could lead her there.

“This is all wrong,” she says in a voice that’s nearly lost in the wind. Relief pours through him at the response, though it’s quickly replaced by concern.

“What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” he scans her body for any signs of injury or harm, blood or broken bones, but doesn’t see anything physically different about her. “Did someone do something to you? Maxie, help me out here--”

She shakes her head, as best as she can. Her hands start to tremble, but she makes no motion to sit up and move away from the pavement steps. “It was me, I did the doing.”

Seeing that this was getting them nowhere, Patrick makes the decision and puts his hand gently on her back. “Let’s get you out of here. I was on my way to Robin’s--”

“No! I can’t... she can’t see me,” she stops him, panicked at the thought.

“Okay, okay,” he reassures her, “I’ll take you somewhere else.”

He helps her to her feet, her legs as shaky as her voice sounded. Wrapping his blazer around her tiny body, the two of them move away from the park. He takes her to his apartment, cold and unfamiliar, the result of abandonment and of Patrick spending more time at Robin’s. Still, he leads Maxie inside and sits her down. She’s less despondent than before, but still so unlike her usual demeanor.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to call Robin? She’s so much better equipped with things like this,” he says, moving around the apartment, trying to figure out what to do. Finally, he prepares a warm cup of tea and sets it on the side table.

“I slept with Spinelli.” Her voice is quiet, but firm. There is no mistaking the certainty and sorrow in her tone. “I always do these things... mess everything and everyone up. So, why am I the one that always get to live?”

His heart breaks; he prays to the heavens that his child would never have to feel the pain Maxie has felt over the losses in her life. He has seen this guilt in Robin. Sometimes it dissipates quickly, but sometimes it broods over them like a thick blanket and there’s nothing he can do about it. So, he takes a seat on ottoman by his couch and listens.

“I slept with the one person I shouldn’t have, breaking one of the best things in my life. And now... now, it just means that nothing good came out of Georgie’s death. It was something I could hold on to, my friendship with Spinelli, some strange beyond the grave kind of gift or something.”

Patrick opens his mouth to respond, but Maxie beats him to it. “You don’t have to say anything to make this better. I’m sure there’s nothing that even remotely comes to mind,” she says, but he doesn’t agree.

“Our baby was conceived the day of Georgie’s funeral,” he offers her. “Maybe that’s a gift you should hold on to. I know I do,” he tells her, his voice honest and unwavering. Maxie smiles at the thought and closes her eyes. She opens them again when she realizes something.

“You said ‘our’,” she says, “as in you and Robin.”

“I did,” Patrick responds, not the least bit hesitant. They sit in silence for a while, but Maxie finds it oddly comforting. Her eyelids feel heavy as she moves to lie across the couch. Patrick reaches for the yellow afghan to cover her.



“You can call Robin now.”


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Aww, this is very good.

I like the parallels that you draw with the guilt thing between Robin and Maxie.

I love that Patrick tried to help the best he could.

I love the ending when Maxie gives Patrick permission to call Robin.

This was very good.

Ooh, I like this! Maxie is one of my favorite characters, and its rare to see her so completely vulnerable (or at least, *open* about it). I kinda like that the first person she "confesses" to is Patrick - somehow, its just what she needed =)

Nicely done!

Thanks! I thought the Maxie/Patrick dynamic would be interesting. They both love Robin and are connected by her, so I was really excited to write a scene with them together.

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