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Please leave a comment if you wish to add me and let me know what connects us. For more information on what I'm currently into, check out my profile as I try to keep it the most up to date.

Hope we can bee friends ♥♥

fic: oh, take me back to the start.
gossip girl; fab four
Title: Oh, Take Me Back to the Start
Author: sugarpromises
Fandom: Gossip Girl
Characters: Serena van der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Let it go, and just enjoy the show
Timeline/Spoilers: All seasons. Set in the past, present, and future.
Word Count: 3042
Summary: It takes some time, but Blair knew all along how they'd end up.
Author's Note: Written for leobrat.  A request from many moons ago.

It figures that like her mother, Serena van der Woodsen wouldn't get her life together until her early forties.Collapse )

fic: of all the times you've needed me, i know this must be one of them.
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Title: Of All the Times You’ve Needed Me, I Know This Must be One of Them
Author: sugarpromises
Fandom: Arrow
Characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, and John Diggle
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Hold your breath
Timeline/Spoilers: Through 2x01.  Set sometime in the future.
Word Count: 1348
Summary: This ambush has nothing to do with his green hood and everything to do with being a Queen.

His hand starts to move hand to his ear, hoping to catch a second of what's happening with Diggle and Felicity, but freezes when he realizes that this is not a mission gone wrong. His team is not linked up with comms and he is not equipped with arrows to take down his enemies.Collapse )

fic: of wishes and dreams (and all attainable things)
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Title: Of Wishes and Dreams ( and All Attainable Things)
Author: sugarpromises
Fandom: Parenthood
Characters: Adam Braverman/Kristina Braverman
Rating: PG 13
Prompt: Hold on, to me as we go as we roll down this unfamiliar road
Timeline: Season 4
Word Count: 933
Summary: In the midst of this chaos, Adam wishes for silence.  He wishes for stillness and Kristina wishes for life.
Author's Note: Written for lapiccolina.  I can't find the link from where she requested it, but I know it exists.  This is my first time writing Parenthood, so be gentle!

Every morning Kristina stands at the kitchen counter and soaks in the movement around her. She watches Max leave for school and it takes everything in her not to call him back to play hooky for the day. She reads Haddie's morning text and busies herself around the kitchen to keep from jumping in a car and driving out to Cornell. She moves Nora from one hip to the other and bites her tongue from whispering, "I'm going to miss you the most."Collapse )

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Merry Christmas lovelys. Wishing you a very safe and warm holiday filled with family, fandom, and fic.


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holiday specials.
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Dear Yuletide Author...Collapse )

fic: your sort of human being.
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Title: Your Sort of Human Being
Author: sugarpromises
Fandom: Roswell
Characters: Liz Parker, Max Evans, Kyle Valenti, et. al
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Their flight was more about the friendship and less about the departure. They were together more often than not, but now with the danger at hand, they’re more scattered than they ever were.
Author's Note: First post can be found here. This was written for femmenoire for Yuletide 2010. Writing this fandom really took me back. Oh, my youth. How I loved this show back then.

It’s still cool in Pennsylvania, but she welcomes the fresh air. She misses the desert sometimes, the way she misses her youth. The past few months have forced her to grow up and face her life in a way she’s never done before.Collapse )

book list 2011.
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I've definitely for sure joined 50bookchallenge this year. With this on my back, plus the fact that beforetv is awesome and I'm going to try to join in their monthly books, I hope I can complete this challenge. Here's to the next 50 books! I'll try to make posts about what I'm reading throughout this challenge ;)

Books read in 2011.Collapse )

santa's gonna come and make you mine this christmas.
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It's Christmas Eve, I'm wrapping (and buying) gifts and wishing for nothing but a warm bed. Who else besides me had to work a full day? Hmm... maybe I'll have some tea and cookies before sleep.

happy holidays love faces;
Warmest wishes for you all this weekend.
Hope you get what you've been hoping for this year.

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fic: when everything goes red.
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Title: When Everything Goes Red
Author: sugarpromises
Fandom: General Hospital
Characters: Maxie Jones, Patrick Drake
Rating: PG 13
Prompt: Breakable
Timeline: Summer 2008. After Maxie sleeps with Spinelli the first time.
Word Count: 748
Summary: The sight of her clinging to the ground is unsettling, but he doesn’t dare disturb her state. He’s seen what shock looks like on Maxie and worries that one wrong move could lead her there.
Author's Note: Completed for day seven of the 12 Days of Christmas. An unclaimed day, but I took apart and reassembled a disaster of a piece I thought would be a "Five Things" fic. It's not, so it's really now just a bunch of nonsense.

Unlike every other day, he stops abruptly at the sight before him. A blonde woman draped across the park steps, arms stretched and unmoving.Collapse )


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