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Dear Yuletide Author,

First of all, THANK YOU so much for signing up and taking on my prompt. I am sure I will love whatever you write me and I am excited for Christmas this year! Second of all, I am so sorry for not putting up this letter sooner! I just got my internet hooked up last night, so now I'm good to go! I wrote little prompts when I signed up, I thought I'd also post something here.

I loved the episode of Annie moving in with Troy and Abed. Abed and Troy have the best BFF and their adoration for Annie is endearing. The term "our Annie" sticks out in my mind, so I would love to read something about the three of them living together. A three-way kind of BFFs. As I had mentioned in my sign-up form, maybe something ordinary and everyday, but Abed/Troy's version vs Annie's version.

How I Met Your Mother
Before the last episode, I wrote my prompt as: How do they all realize that they can't just hang out in the bar as friends? I think that still stands, but it's up to your interpretation and whether or not you want to include the cliffhanger. Other way, I know I will love your story.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Wallace and Knives are my two favourite people in the movie, so having an obscure story about a gay semi-narcissist and a 16 year old catholic girl will be amazing. For example, how does Wallace know that Knives is too good for Scott? Maybe Scott's not around and the two of them bond.

New Girl
Winston comes home for a visit to see a semi-functional roommate situation. I love the show's quirks and characters, I love the guy's fierce loyalty and aggravation for Jess. You can take the prompt or go in any direction you want, but I would love some roommate BFF goodness.

So that's that. Thank you again!! I am psyched to read whatever you write for me!


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I am so glad you signed up!

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