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dianna agron; masks

Please leave a comment if you wish to add me and let me know what connects us. For more information on what I'm currently into, check out my profile as I try to keep it the most up to date.

Hope we can bee friends ♥♥

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Hey! I think we have stuff in common :) Friends?


i found your journal through a serena/blair google search. i'm a big fan of the girls too. would you like to be friends?


Sure. Love the girls. They're the reason I still watch the show.

Well, them and the interesting Dan/Blair relationship.

Hi! This is random but I saw you comment torigates about a show being filmed in Toronto and I was like, but *I* love when shows are filmed in Toronto! And your profile says you watch GH, so... match made in heaven? Let me know. :)

Rensie, it's Liz! I moved, can we still be friends pretty pwease? :)

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